Questions About Study Participation


Why should I volunteer to participate?

Participating in research is voluntary. By volunteering your time, you would be contributing to a better understanding of chronic pelvic pain.

Is this a clinical trial or observational research?

MAPP is an observational study. This means that participant includes questionnaires and tasks that help us observe a participant's health.  We do not provide treatments or change your medical care as part of the study. 

What are the study tasks?

Visit our Study Participation page for more information about our study tasks. 

What are the steps to participating?

Step 1. Read about the study

Read more about the study and who we are recruiting.

Step 2. Find out if you are eligible

You can contact a research coordinator to complete a series of eligibility questions by phone.

You can complete our online eligibility survey. All answers are kept confidential.

Step 3. Schedule your study visit

We schedule your first two study visits to be around 4 weeks apart. A study coordinator will work  with you to find the best dates and times.

What if I want to participate, but I don’t live in Seattle?

Travel is an important consideration for participation in the study. We may be able to offer a limited amount of travel reimbursement for qualifying participants as study funds allow. Please speak with a research coordinator if you are interested in this option.

Is compensation provided?

Yes! It is possible to receive up to $1,520 to compensate you for your effort in completing the study. The amount is prorated so that you receive compensation for the tasks and visits that you complete. 

How do we keep your information safe?

We take every precaution to protect your identity. You are assigned a participant ID for this study that is used to label your samples and data. This means that no one analyzing your samples or data will be able to identify you. Only the MAPP study coordinators at your recruitment site will have access to the link between your personal contact information and your collected data. The consent form you receive for the study will list the specific organizations that will be provided access to your coded data. We closely review this consent form with you before participation and provide a copy for your records.

What will you do with my data?

Your coded data will be combined with data from all MAPP’s Discovery Sites and analyzed as whole. 

Will I be told the results of the study?

We are not able to release individual data or results of the tests or analysis conducted on your samples or MRI scans. 

The situations where we are able to inform you of a result include:

  • A positive urine culture

A portion of your urine sample at each visit will be used for a urine culture, which is used to see if you have a current urinary tract infection. If your test is positive, meaning you have signs of a current infection, we will inform you of the result, so that you can follow up with your physician for treatment.

  • An abnormal dipstick analysis 

A portion of your urine sample at each visit will be used for a dipstick analysis, which is a set of screening tests that can detect things like urinary tract infections or blood in your urine. If your test is abnormal, we will inform you of the result, so that you can follow up with your physician for treatment.

  • A positive pregnancy test

A portion of your urine sample at your initial visit will be used for a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, you will be informed.

  • A possible abnormality is noticed by the MRI scan technician during the brain imaging

The brain scans taken during this study will not be reviewed by a radiologist to rule out or diagnose brain disorders. The scans are used only to look at your brain responses during the study protocol. You will not receive the results of your MRI scans, but if the technician running the scan notices a possible abnormality, you will be notified to follow up with your physician. 

We will post results of the study on our webpage and/or share them in our newsletters. Keep an eye on our publications page where we will list peer-reviewed articles after they have been published. For an easier read you can check out our  newsletters page. 

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes. Participation is completely voluntary. Simply let a research coordinator know that you no longer wish to participate. We will ask you why you are withdrawing to provide feedback and improve future studies.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my study visit?

Let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule a study visit. Our MRI facility requires a 48 hour notice for cancellations.