Your Online Questionnaires

There is a 14-day window to complete each survey. 

If possible, try and complete your survey as soon as the window opens.

These online surveys are how we work towards identifying what causes symptoms to get worse or get better. They also help us work towards more personalized treatment options for your condition by asking about your treatments or therapies. We greatly appreciate your attention to these questionnaires.


How to Access Your Questionnaires

  1. Go to the main MAPP Research Network website:

  2. Click on "MAPP Participant Survey" on the bar towards the top.

  3. On the next screen, enter your study ID and PIN. Get in touch with a research coordinator if you misplace this information and need a reminder.

  4. Once you click submit, you will see an introduction screen.

  5. Click the "Continue" button to start your survey.


Navigating the Questionnaire Page

  • To go forward to the next page, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

  • To go backward to the last page, click the back button on your internet browser. Please note, if you click backward and change an answer you will need to re-answer other questions going forward.

  • To stop and return at a later time, if necessary, just close the window and your answers will be saved.

  • To return to your survey at a later time, follow the same instructions above on accessing your questionnaire and the questions should start where you left off.


Technical Support or Help

Contact us if you have trouble logging in, or if you need any assistance.