Your In-Depth Visits

You will have in-depth visits at Week 4 (Month 1), Month 6, Month 18, Month 36 of your participation as well as during any ATLAS module. At these visits we collect in-depth information about your symptoms. This involves questionnaires, sample collections, MRI scans, sensory tasks, and a physical exam, which includes a pelvic exam only at Month 18.

Preparing for your In-Depth Visit


What to Wear

What to Bring

How to Be Prepared

What to Expect


In-Depth Visit Address

Clinical Research Center
University of Washington Medical Center
1959 NE Pacific St
7th Floor, Pacific Tower, Room 7South
Seattle, WA 98105

We are happy to validate your parking at the Triangle Parking Garage.


What to Wear

For the sensory testing we will be applying pressures to the skin your forearm, the top of your shoulder, and a few inches below your belly button. We will also have you submerge your foot into a water bath up to your calf. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with: 

  • A shirt/top with a neckline that can be moved to the side so that we can access the midpoint of your shoulder and sleeves that can roll up above the elbow

  • Pants/bottoms that can roll up to the knee

Please do not apply or wear artificial fingernails.

For the MRI scan:

  • We will provide scrubs (cotton pants and shirt) for you to change into.

  • For women

    • Please wear a sports bra or a bra without an underwire.

    • Please do not apply any make-up or hairspray, as some brands contain small amounts of metal.

  • Our changing area does have a secure locker for your clothes. It is best, however, if you leave valuable items at home.

  • We will ask you to remove any belts, jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, piercings, credit cards, or any other metal objects prior to the scan.

What to Bring

If you need glasses for computer work, please bring them with you. 

It is a good idea to bring a book or magazine, so that you have something to do if there are wait times between tasks. 

Please plan to bring a lunch or money to buy  lunch at the medical center cafeteria.  

How to Be Prepared

Print or write out directions to your visit. Be sure to include our phone number, so that you can call if you need help. 

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your visit starts. 

When you arrive at the Triangle Garage, take the garage ticket with you and give it to the research coordinator for validation. 

What to Expect

Plan to spend 5 hours at this visit. We will complete:

  • Questionnaires online and on paper

  • Urine collections

  • A blood draw

  • A physical exam (height, weight, blood pressure, and waist circumference measurements)

  • A pelvic exam (if this is your Month 18 visit).

    • The optional swab collection

    • The optional prostate massage (for males)

  • Four sensory testing tasks

  • MRI scans of your brain